North Dakota

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Highmore SD  to Bismark

Nov. 27
Jan. 8, 29
Feb. 12

Mar. 19

Highmore SD D & K Outpost 7:30-7:45 am
Blunt SD Medicine Creek Food Mart 8:05-8:10 dr. thru
Jct Hwy 14 & 83 SD The Junction Truck Stop 8:20-8:40 am
Onida SD The Corner 9:00- 9:20 am
Gettysburg SD Ace Hardware 9:50-10:10 am
Selby SD Shorty’s One Stop 10:50-11:00 am  drive thru
Mobridge SD Bridge City Bait 11:30-12:00 pm
Mound City SD Safe House Bar 12:25-12:35 pm drive thru
Herreid SD Super Stop 12:40-12:55 pm
Strasburg ND Ampride 1:30-1:40 pm drive thru
Linton ND Nodak True Value 1:50-2:20 pm
Hazelton ND Cenex 2:50-3:05 pm drive thru
Sterling ND Flash’s Place 3:20-3:30 pm drive thru
Bismark ND Dakota Tackle 4:15-5:00 pm

Greg:  308-750-0700

Wilton to Williston

Nov.  28
Dec. 12
Jan. 9, 30
Feb. 13

Mar. 21

Wilton ND Cenex 7:30-7:40 am
Washburn ND Cenex 8:00-8:20 am
Underwood ND Grimsleys 8:30-8:45 am drive thru
Totten Trail ND Bar & Grill 8:50-9:00 am
Max ND Max Farm Service 9:20-9:30 am dr. Thru. Call Greg
Minot ND Sportsman’s Loft 10:00-10:20 am
Foxholm ND Hunters Den 10:55-11:00 am dr. thru.
Carpio ND Cenex 11:05-11:10 am drive thru
Donnybrook ND Gas Depot 11:10-11:15 am drive thru
Kenmare ND Cenex 11:30 – 11:50 am
Bowbelles ND Farmers Union Oil 12:15-12:30 pm dr. thru.
Flaxton ND 12:35-12:40 pm dr. thru call Greg
Columbus ND 12:40-12:45 pm dr. thru call
Noonan ND C Store 12:50-1:00 pm drive thru
Crosby ND New Century Ag 1:15-1:30 pm
Fortuna ND Teachers Lounge 1:50-1:55 pm  drive thru (cst)
Westby MT Al’s Meats 1:15-1:20 pm drive thru (mst)
Plentywood MT Fairgrounds Rest Area 1:45-2:00 pm (mst)
Antelope MT Antelope Bar 2:15-2:30 dr. thru. (mst)
Grenora ND Farmers Union Oil 3:40-3:50 pm dr. thru (cst)
Zahl ND Fast Lane Bar 4:05-4:15 pm dr. thru. (cst)  call Greg
Williston ND Scenic Sports 4:45-5:30 pm (cst)

Greg:  308-750-0700

Eastern Montana

Nov. 29
Dec. 13
Jan. 10, 31
Feb. 14
Mar. 22

Fairview MT Neu’s Supervalu 7:50-8:15  am
Sidney MT High Caliber Sports 8:30-8:50 am
Culbertson MT Val-AM Stop & GO 9:40-10:00 am
Brockton MT B&S Quick Stop 10:30-10:40 am drive thru
Poplar MT Tribal Express Casino 10:40-10:50 am drive thru
Wolf Point MT Harry’s Nite Club 11:30-11:50 am
Vida MT Main Street Post office 12:10-12:20 pm drive thru
Circle MT Cenex 12:45-1:00 pm
Lindsay MT Coop 1:25-1:40 pm drive thru
Glendive MT Berg Tire 2:00-2:30 pm
Wibaugh MT Coop 3:00-3:15 pm drive thru
Beach ND Flying J 3:30-3:50 pm
Medora ND Medora C store 4:15-4:30 pm drive thru
Belfield ND Trappers Kettle 4:40-4:50 pm drive thru
Dickinson ND Andrus Outdoors 5:30-5:50 pm

Greg:  308-750-0700

Dickinson ND to Nebraska

Nov. 30
Dec. 14
Jan. 11
Feb. 1, 15
Mar. 23

Dickinson ND Andrus Outdoors 7:40-8:00 am
New England ND Fitterer Oil 8:40-8:50 am drive thru
Reeder ND Northern Auto and Diesel 9:20-9:40 am dr. thru.
Hettinger ND BJ’s Paint and Body 9:45-10:05 am
Lemmon SD Northwest Supply 10:50-11:15 am
Shadehill SD L Johns Petrified Shelter 11:40-11:50 am
Meadow SD Intersection of 20 & 73 11:50-12:00 am (East of Bison)
Faith SD Farmers Union Oil 12:50-1:20 pm
Howes SD Howes Store 1:50-2:05 drive thru
Takini SD Thrifty Mart 2:10-2:20 dr. thru.
Phillip SD Coyles Service 3:00-3:30 pm
Kadoka SD Kadoka Discount Fuel 4:10-4:25 pm drive thru
Martin SD Dakota Mart 5:30-5:40 pm drive thru
Merriman NE Buckles Station 5:45-6:00 pm MST
Cody NE Cody Ranch Supply  7:20-7:30 CST
Kilgore NE Cardtrol Station 7:40-7:50 CST
Valentine NE Pitstall 8:15-8:30 pm dr thru call
Woodlake NE Mainstreet 8:50-9:00 pm dr thru call
Johnstown NE Mainstreet 9:10-9:20 pm dr thru call
Ainsworth NE Js Kegger 9:20-9:30 dr thru call
Bassett NE Scott’s Place 9:30-9:45 pm dr thru call 

Greg:  308-750-0700


Petska Fur

Mailing Address: 317 S. 14th St., Ord, NE  68862

Petska Fur buys raw fur, antlers, deer and elk hides at hundred of locations throughout the middle and western United States. We also sell specimens for taxidermy purposes and a variety of skulls. Our main office is located in Ord, Nebraska. We also have a satellite store located in Alliance, NE.

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