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Greg Petska 308-750-0700       NE, WY, SD, KS, OK, TX, ND, MT, CO, NM

Lathan Petska 308-730-1834  NE, WY, KS

Macon Petska 308-380-4944  NE, KS, SD

Talon Petska  308-730-0527   NE, KS

Chance Smith  NE, WY, CO, SD 308-760-6021

Flagan Petska, NE  308-730-2767 ( PLEASE DO NOT CALL Monday-Friday between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

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Petska Fur

Mailing Address: 317 S. 14th St., Ord, NE  68862

Petska Fur buys raw fur, antlers, deer and elk hides at hundred of locations throughout the middle and western United States. We also sell specimens for taxidermy purposes and a variety of skulls. Our main office is located in Ord, Nebraska. We also have a satellite store located in Alliance, NE.

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