About US

Petska & Son’s LLC formerly Petska Fur originated in the 1970’s . The first “shed” was actually an old lean too on the place we currently live. As our routes and business grew we moved to town and rented a building until we purchased the building we are currently in. Between age 14 and now I have had the opportunity to travel much of the United States dealing in the raw fur business. It is a family owned business; however, at the current time our boys have decided they would like to pursue their own interest. We are fortunate that they all, except for Talon, live pretty darn close to us and they will help out on occasion. Yes, it is my hope that one day in time they will want to carry this business into the next generations.

Three of the boys are married: Orrin, Lathan, and Macon. Flagan has announced his engagement so will be adding another daughter-in-law soon. Talon lives in Texas where he is training horses and roping a lot. Orrin has a trucking business as well as a Outfitter business in the Winter. Lathan also has a trucking business and his commercial fishing in the summer. Flagan has a Diesel mechanic shop here in Ord which helps us out dramatically when we have a need. Macon lives a little further away but has a construction business as well as his commercial fishing in the summer. Our daughter-in-laws fit each of the boys pretty well, and help to keep them in line. We have been blessed with four grandchildren. One little boy and three girls. Girls are a new thing to our family, but with each birth has brought a special place in our family and hearts. Our family is growing and we love it.