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  • I have added some new items into the store and the gloves are loaded with sizes available.  


  This year is posing many challenges.  I think we thought that last year Covid was going to show a high impact, but actually we in this industry are having a greater exposure and challenge with Covid, shipping, the weather, etc. this season.   We will do our best to be out in the field, but please be aware of the markets (updated on facebook regularly), changes in routes due to market, and most of all remember that all of us in the business want to see it continue. We appreciate each and everyone of you and know that what you bring to the vehicle is important to you.  However, as many of you are experiencing some of the harvest is just not what will sale at this time.    

We hope you enjoy the new website, many hours have been spent updating, as our web design team stated: coming into the new century, as well as adding items for purchase.  We will be posting items for Christmas, or feel free to shop anytime.  We have tried to make it simplistic, but know that there may be challenges with it as well.  I do try to fill the orders at least twice a week, but as we get closer to the holiday and you are needing something, I will work to get it in your hands.  If you are coming this direction and would like me to meet you with an order I can make that work on most days.  These products are only available through Petska and Sons’.  

Petska & Sons’

Greg & Theresa 

Orrin and Katrina & Family

Lathan and Samantha & Family

Flagan and Keeley

Macon and Kenidee & Family



We still need a limited quantity of whole porcupines for taxidermy.

(be sure to put them in a feed sack, or dog food type bag before bringing them to town)

We are buying the following (no quantity too large or small):

  • All antler, Elk, Deer, Moose, etc.
  • Quality Furs
  • Quality Used Guns
  • Beaver Castor 
  • Porcupine Hair
  • Cow/Steer skulls…preferably with horns
  • Domestic goat and antelope skulls with horns

 Taxidermy Items:

  • Swift Fox
  • Grey Fox
  • Red and Cross Fox
  • Ringtail Cats..will pay $20-30 for well cared for taxidermy quality specimens
  • Mountain Lions (orders for 40-50 lions/yr.)
  • Armadillo

Click on the “Routes” link at the top of this page to see when and where we stop near you.

Questions or More Info – Greg 308-750-0700
[email protected]