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 September is here which means Fur Conventions are in full swing.   Greg and I are headed to a few.  We will have some of our Hillybilly Monkey Mercantile items as well as gloves.  If there is a specific item or glove you are looking for, please let us know and we will bring along.  Fur season will definitely look a little different again this year.  At some point we all know that things come back around so hoping this is the case in the next few years.  We will be working on updating routes and items of need and interest in the next month so check back on the fur route page for a location near you.  Here is where we will be in the next month: 

Sept 9-10  WInner SD

Sept 17 Bayard Ne

Sept 22-25  Junk Jaunt in Ord

Sept 23-24  Seward Ne

Sept 30, Oct 1  Torrington WY



Petska & Sons’

Greg & Theresa 

Orrin, Katrina, Luck & Dillan Jo

Lathan, Samantha, and McKinlee Lynn

Flagan and Keeley

Macon, Kenidee, and Blake Annaliese



We still need a limited quantity of whole porcupines for taxidermy.

(be sure to put them in a feed sack, or dog food type bag before bringing them to town)

We are buying the following (no quantity too large or small):

  • All antler, Elk, Deer, Moose, etc.
  • Quality Furs
  • Quality Used Guns
  • Beaver Castor 
  • Porcupine Hair
  • Cow/Steer skulls…preferably with horns
  • Domestic goat and antelope skulls with horns

 Taxidermy Items:

  • Swift Fox
  • Grey Fox
  • Red and Cross Fox
  • Ringtail Cats..will pay $20-30 for well cared for taxidermy quality specimens
  • Mountain Lions (orders for 40-50 lions/yr.)
  • Armadillo

Click on the “Routes” link at the top of this page to see when and where we stop near you.

Questions or More Info – Greg 308-750-0700
[email protected]