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                     PRICE FORECAST


                    DAILY BID SHEET

                BELOW FAMILY PICTURE


Antler and Dry Fur Routes have started and am updating routes sometimes daily.  Spring in central Nebraska is slow this year and we (Theresa) are definitely ready for some warmer temps.  This is contradictory for the fur.  Our friends and neighbors in North Dakota and Wyoming have seen their fair share of snow this season.  The upside is that the hills should produce some great grass.  Happy Easter to all of you!

Greg & Theresa



Price Forecast 2022-23 the grade will be incredibly tight on coyotes with huge emphasis on heaft color and quality…to be honest this item has me really nervous…will only be buying this item from the better sections and will be very selective …don’t start too early…suggestions for start times are on website under “fur handling and hide care”…don’t push those dates at all…





Castor…$15-25 / lb

Cats….Normally markets don’t develop on cats till later…will adjust accordingly when/if needed.

CATS …We will happily buy properly cared for and stored carcass cats from all sections…again don’t damage skull if possible…if storing/freezing for more than 30 or 40 days they should be bagged. (make sure specimen cooled down before bagging) 

Heavies $60-600



Semi-..$ 20-200


Grade is tight ….Russia/Ukraine conflict complicating cat market but surprisingly they are sellable. Again, like last year there  will be a very wide $ gap between  C + or better cats and C- or worse colored cats.  Decent runs of cats from the better sections should average between $150-350 with C- or worse out at value…Off colored (C-or worse) from any section will be very tough…in a lot of cases less than $125….in some cases a lot less….In flat or semi- sections they will be less than $30. Grade will be very tight and the bar will be set  very high as to what specimens grade “A”/ Select.    Note…in the case of semi plus and heavy diamonds?…we will push as far as we dare to own them.


good color

xx semis…$20-30

xl semis….$15-25

L semis…$5-15

off colors will certainly be less…..average on a tolerable set should be in the $15-25 range.


$3-5 fresh frozen whole…properly cared for…all for taxidermy

SKUNKS …No Carcass 





must be on carcass….cared for accordingly….all for taxidermy



$3-5 cared for accordingly…all for taxidermy.  Don’t damage skull.

COONS.  We are NOT buying any Coon smaller than a big double on the carcass.  With the exception of what we deem to be good colored and heavy.  In those cases we will buy some smaller sizes.   Most likely later in season or North of I 90 as they take longer to prime.  Wait till at least mid November north of 90…after Thanksgiving between 80 and 90 …and at least December 5 south of 80.


Heavy $1-6 (north of I 90)

Semi + $1-5 (80 to I 90)

Semis    $1-4 (I 70 to  I 80)

Semi –   $0-0  (OK/KS boarder up to I 70)

Add a dollar for properly skinned

Properly finished Coon


Semi +..$2-10


Semi -..$1-6

Will adjust these prices as needed. I know I have a $1 bottom but there will be finished larges and smaller that will only bring a dollar or less….damage items will also fall below that one dollar mark.

NOTE…Would prefer fox on carcass…very large order for taxidermy fox…both Greys and Reds…smaller orders for swifts/kits

FOX..GREYS AND REDS…taxidermy specimens need to be fresh frozen

Carcass heavies $1-10

Finished heavies $5-10

Carcass semis $1-10

Finished semis $4-8


Carcass $5-10…need to be in perfect condition

Bad damage out at value

Refrain from shooting fox in head..skull worth almost as much as pelt.   Please when presenting carcass fox…must be “fresh frozen”  many are used for taxidermy…imperative they are cared for properly.


Carcass heavies $5-25

Finished heavies  $10-40

Carcass semis. $1-10

Finished semis $5-25

Carcass semi- $1-2

Finished semi- $1-3

NOTE:   Please refrain from dispatching badgers with bullet to head….as far as that goes refrain from damaging skull at all…in cases of these flatter early and even semi heavy specimens the skull is as valuable or more so than the pelt..please in the case of carcass badgers…they need to be “fresh frozen” many are used for taxidermy…imperative they are properly cared for.


As mentioned in numerous posts, texts and emails…the coyote market is purely speculative?…as a result….offers on coyotes will be very selective…even the best sections will have coyotes that will get passed over….poorer sections won’t get offers at all.  Like last year my focus areas for coyotes will be North of interstate 80 and generally west of Hiway 83/183.   Obvious exceptions will arise the farther we go north into the Dakotas

Carcass heavies.

Range. $0-12…$15 top…grease /properly skinned…Add $3

Avg. $5-10…grease/properly skinned…add $3

Finished Properly heavies…

Range. $5-25

Avg.   $12-22

Bad damage out at value

Normally found but not limited to…north of I 94 and or above 7000 ft.  Heavies are found in different degrees throughout our travel area but are most prevalent north of I 90 even more so north of I 94.

Carcass semi +

Range $0-12

Avg. $4-8

Grease properly skinned add $3

Finished semi plus

Range $2-20

Avg.   $10-20

Bad damage out at value

Note:  Coyotes from here down will be scrutinized very closely..off colors..will be heavily discounted..damage will be discounted even more so…specimens from these semi heavy and lighter sections will have coyotes that will have NO value if deemed…too dark…too coarse…or too much damage

Carcass semi westerns (pale)

Range $0-10

Avg. $1-5

Grease/properly skinned…add $2

Finished semi westerns (pale)

Range $2-20

Avg. $5-12

Carcass Semi central


avg…1-3…add $2 for grease

Finished semi central


average…$3-6…bad damage out at $0


Bad damage out

Normally found just about anywhere but most desirable are north of I 70 and west of 83 and 183…there are a decent percentage of heavies scattered throughout this section as well.  5-15% or so in northwest Kansas…percentage steadily goes up as you go north and west.

Carcass semi – westerns

Range $0-5

Avg. $0-4

Grease/properly skinned…add $2

Finished semi –

Range $2-10

Avg.   $3-7

Bad damage out

Normally found southwest Kansas, northwest Oklahoma, New Mexico, South east plains of Colorado and panhandle of Texas.  Again most desirable west of 83.  Believe it or not a few semi heavy plus and heavies pop up here as well. Especially at higher elevations.

Carcass commercial not  sellable this year..

Range $0-0

Avg. $0-

Grease/properly skinned…add $1-3

Finished comm

Range $1-5

Avg. $1-5

Bad damage out

Just about anywhere east of 281/81 and I35 but more prevalent east of highways 81 and I 35 and south of I 80…There are some decent colored semis that come out of this section and a limited number of heavies are present here but are almost always “ordinary” color.

Just generalizations always exceptions. Prices are subject to change as market conditions and size of harvest becomes more clear.


Carcass… $1-20


Finished Heavies $5-35

Finished semis.  $5-30

Finished flats/hatter.  $2-25

CASTOR…$10-15 lb…$1.00/ oz.…know more on this item later…could be plenty of castor to go around

MINK $1-5



carcass $.50-1.00

Rats finished $1.50-2.50

Top on finished rats…$3.00

SKUNK…no carcass


Finished …$2-10

Deer hides $1-3…add a dollar for properly salted deer

Elkhides $5-10…add $3-5 for properly salted elk

Deer/Elk hide market stronger…we will still trade gloves but in most cases will have to be two deer hides for a pair of thinsulate lined gloves…have some cowhide I’d trade one for one till their gone.  Well cared for decent sized  Elk hides will trade one pair of fleece lined deer straight across.







$5-30 per set

Avg…$8-14 per set

Really helpful if they are presented as sets

Note.  When removing ivory take special care to preserve the root…significant discount when root is broken…. will  help you with price and  us with resale.

Carcass Porcupines 1-10..large order…don’t damage skull…shoot in body.

average $3-6…will take porcupines off southern routes as long as skull undamaged

(Don’t forget to bring whole porcupines with a feed sack)

We want to be able to look at them first…ran in to some instances in  year past where guard  hair had already been plucked.…in addition they don’t get tangled up with fur .

really small ones have very little if any value.

Guard hair. $5-40 oz.

Guard hair shorter than 6” has very little or no value.

Whitetail jack rabbits $3-5

No black tails off southern routes….ears to flimsy.

All are for taxidermy…must be taken care of accordingly.

Antler deer range…$1-12

Antler elk.  range…$1-18

Antler moose..same as deer except for really clean..then a little higher.

(Antler prices  and grade breakdowns on first line of first page on “antler routes” link on website.) Www.petskafur.net… basically I use this as daily bid sheet.


Whole breasted Turkey…fully intact with head, fan, wings, beard and feet, fresh whole frozen…$20 (check local regulations)

Turkey fans feathers and wings…fans/wings spread and boraxed



pheasant individual tail feathers…..10-.25….50cent top

pheasant full tail …$1

pheasant wings…$.25


Rattlers and big bulls $2-7…Fresh frozen

Properly stretched and dried… $5-10…for most will chase bigger higher.



Again going  to attempt to buy skulls this season…need to be FRESH FROZEN undamaged (not shot in head or broken/crushed) and identified in a sealed see through freezer bag.  Dried out skulls have very little value …if any?  DO NOT need any coyote, coon or beaver skulls on road.

Cat large…$6

Cat medium…$4

Cat small…$2

Red Fox…$3

Kit Fox.…$3

Grey Fox..$3





Large Coon…$.50


Large beaver…$0

small beaver….0

prairie dog…$1


There are several other small animal skulls we buy as well…just ask


Lrg. Beaver…$0

Coon…$0 (Probably need to be 25 lbs. or bigger)

Probably won’t need more than a couple hundred of these.


In both the beaver and Coon…? animals must be fully grown.




Blk Bear…$40-50

Cow/Steer/Buffalo…has tightened up/saturated for now…still buying but more selective…range is $5-25…with something bigger fancier bringing a bit more.

..other types of skulls as well  include…

Domestic sheep with horns

Exotic sheep with horns

Antelope with horns and full skull

Buffalo with full skull

Taxidermy items….always looking for quality….must be cared for accordingly…

Off colored coyotes

Odd colored anything for that matter

Jack Rabbits…White tail.…$3-$5

spotted skunks

ring tailed cats…we need taxidermy quality fresh frozen ring tail cats…$20

Armadillos…we need fresh frozen Armadillos…don’t damage skull…$4

swift fox…limited number no damage.…$1-10

legally tagged bears and lions…need to have as much paper work as possible…especially on lions.

Wolves, Lions and Bears need to be Taxidermy skinned

Wolves $50-250 buys most…$400 top

Lions…$150-400 buys most….$600 top

Bears….$30-70 buys most…$200-300 top

top prices paid for really big or really small


We also buy already mounted Taxidermy items…North American items are easiest to sell but we seem to be able to move African mounts as well at a price.


Need and will buy all species of tanned fur and hides including …Deer, Elk, Moose and Buffalo Hides…keep in mind these items have a shelf life and deteriorate over time…the fresher the better but properly cared for items will last a long time.

We are buying the following (no quantity too large or small):

  • All antler, Elk, Deer, Moose, etc.
  • Quality Furs
  • Quality Used Guns
  • Beaver Castor 
  • Porcupine Hair
  • Cow/Steer skulls…preferably with horns
  • Domestic goat and antelope skulls with horns

Click on the “Routes” link at the top of this page to see when and where we stop near you.

Questions or More Info – Greg 308-750-0700
[email protected]

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